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Southfields Primary School

Southfields Primary School

Year 4

Welcome to the start of a new term at Southfields! We hope you all had a lovely Easter. It is going to be a  fantastic term, the whole team are looking forward to teaching as well as caring for your children. We have a fabulous team in Year 4 and will all continue working hard to ensure your children have a positive, engaging and safe learning environment. Please take your time to read through the information below to discover more about the year 4 curriculum and further important information about the current rules and routines in school.

In year 4, our curriculum is built on a recurring theme across the year exploring the shape of the world we live in today; from ancient tools to the latest digital advances, human invention has changed the world and transformed the Earth. During the Autumn term we explore the great trend setters of the ancient world introducing ingenious innovations before travelling through the age of discovery or exploration in the Spring and Summer extending our knowledge of the world around us.

In year 4, we believe that our children should not only reach their best academically, but also develop a thirst for knowledge, independent learning skills, foster a love of learning and leave year 4 with lifelong learning skills for the ever changing world around us.

Our curriculum enables children to develop their communication skills as per the school’s belief that Communication is Key. This is achieved through books, reading, speaking and listening, debates and expressive arts; after all, reading is a passport to countless adventures. The curriculum provides children with creative and memorable experiences which build children’s aspirations demonstrating possibilities for their future lives. All of which is underpinned by our key beliefs – believe in yourself, value others, smiling, shining and being happy.

Important Information:

Arrival and Pick Up Times

Children need to arrive at school between 8.40am and 9am. The school has introduced this staggered start time to ensure parents and children have the space to keep appropriately distanced. We would like to please ask adults and children to wear masks when arriving and leaving the school due to the high number of people around at a similar time. This will be through the Year 3 green gate by the front office. The children will then enter school during the grey year 3 door, the same as last year. Your child will then be guided by school staff as they walk to their classroom. 

Year 4 pupils will be picked up at 3.15pm. You will need to please pick your child up by walking round the school to the middle school playground, please follow the path until you pass the Year 4 classrooms and wait for your children on the playground wearing your face covering at all times. We ask that you please arrive at the pick-up time promptly and please do not touch any equipment. The outside play equipment and seating areas are currently out of use, therefore we ask that you do not touch or sit on any of these. These are not to be used by the children either.


Children should wear their school uniform for three days a week, outdoor PE kit for one day (Tuesday) and they can wear their own clothes on a Friday. Please see this outlined daily below.

  • Monday - School Uniform
  • Tuesday - Outdoor PE kit (for example, joggers, t-shirt, sweatshirt/jumper (or tracksuit) and trainers)
  • Wednesday - School Uniform
  • Thursday - School Uniform
  • Friday -  Own clothes to support mental wellbeing (normal clothes such as jeans, t-shirts, dresses etc., no costumes/princess outfits etc.)

In addition to this, your child can wear their own clothes on their birthdays as we have always done previously.


All Year 4 classes will have PE on a Tuesday so children need to please come into school in outdoor PE kit on this day. Children must have their hair tied up for PE sessions and no jewellery is allowed in PE for health and safety reasons. If your child wears stud earrings and cannot remove these themselves, we recommend that you remove these before your child comes into school.

We will complete PE activities outside, if the weather does not permit this on our PE day then your class teacher will let you know when that has been rearranged for via dojo.

Bags and Water Bottles:

Your child does not need to bring in a bag or any items, we will not have any items going backwards and forwards to and from school. The cloak areas will be closed to help prevent any cross-contamination between children's items. Children will keep their coats/jackets on the back of their chairs during lesson time, please only bring a coat if necessary. Your child needs to please bring in a water bottle from home. This should then be taken home, washed and returned to school each day filled up with water. Water bottles can be re-filled with drinking water in the classroom during the day. If for any reason your child doesn’t have a water bottle, we will supply one.


If your child has a packed lunch, they can bring it in a lunch box or in a plastic bag.  All packed lunches will be kept separate and in children's trays. We do therefore recommend keeping ice packs with the lunch to keep it cool and fresh. 

Unlike in KS1, Year 4 (as well as all year groups in KS2) school dinners are to be paid for unless you are entitled to Free School Meals. If your child is having a school meal this must please be booked in advance. Mrs Buck will not be able to book meals on behalf of parents anymore due to Data Protection therefore you must book your child's meal. If you do not book a meal, then you will need to please provide one and bring it into school. Due to covid19 and planned movement around the school, we cannot provide meals that have not been booked as it would be a health and safety issue for other year groups with their staggered times.


If your child would like a snack at break time, this needs to please be brought in from home. This needs to  be a healthy snack and brought in separated from your child’s lunch (if they have a packed lunch too). There will be no snack trolley at break time.

Home Learning:

In Year 4, we expect children to practise their Reading, Spellings and Times Tables at least four times a week at home. Children will not be bringing home learning books to and from school daily. Instead, home learning will be looked at via Class dojo. Please upload a picture of your child’s home learning to your child’s Class Dojo Portfolio page once a week, including practise of Spellings, Times Tables and Reading.


On a Monday, children will take home a school reading book for the week. This needs to then be returned on a Friday. All books taken home will be logged. If your child has not finished their book in that week, they can keep their book the following week and hand it in on the following Friday. 


Children will have a dedicated spelling session on a Friday where they will be introduced to the spelling rule and words they need to learn. The list will then be posted to dojo on a Friday for parents to see and monitor as well. Spellings are set on a Friday and then tested on the following Friday.

Times Tables:  

On a Friday, children will be given a Times Table to focus on for the following week. Children can practise these in whichever way you would prefer, for example, through writing them down, repetition, reciting, songs and more. We do recommend that your child uses purple mash, IXL or Times Table Rockstars to practise their times tables in a quiz/test-style format in preparation for their Times Table test in school. Children will be tested on their set of Times Tables (in a mixed order) on a Friday. Your child should aim for a high score in order to move up to practise the next set of Times Tables the following week.

Online Resources:

Your child will continue to have access to the following sites: Bug Club (on Active Learn), Times Table Rockstars, Purple Mash, Espresso and IXL. We recommend that your child uses their membership given by the school to the best of their advantage by thoroughly exploring these websites at home. These are really amazing and can really help to support and enhance home learning. Your class teacher will send these out to you during the first week back in school.

Bike Permits

If your child rides a bike to school and keeps their bike locked in school grounds, you will need to apply for a bike permit. If you would like to apply for a bike permit simply complete the form below. The school have limited spaces so will be allocating these to pupils who live the furthest away from school. The school will be handing out the permits on Tuesday 8th September. There will be no bikes allowed on the site until then due to a safe return on the first few days. Once the permits are allocated a space will be given and guidance on using it safely. Please complete the simple form in the link below if you would like to  apply.

Class Dojo:

We love to use Class Dojo to communicate with you at home and lots of you will have seen a video of your class teacher that was posted before the summer. Please do make sure you are connected to Class Dojo and keep an eye on Class Dojo for day-to-day class and whole-school information, photos and updates of our learning, updates on your child's behaviour and messages from the class teacher.

A key priority of our school is the relationships between teachers and adults at home, this is to ensure that the children are fully supported both at home and at school. Due to the current circumstances, we have had to make obvious adaptations to our routines and regulations and unfortunately this means we have less face-to-face contact between teachers and the adults at home for the time being. Therefore, it is important that you do not hesitate to communicate with your class teacher or year leader via class dojo if you have any questions, comments or worries. It should be noted that this tool is to be used in an appropriate and friendly way. At Southfields Primary School we operate a zero tolerance approach to the use of inappropriate behaviour anywhere on the school site, social media or via our communication systems with parents (*Inappropriate behaviour means disrespectful conduct towards people or property within the school site or via social media).

Please remember to share the COVID behaviour guidance with your children, this was posted on the schools main dojo page earlier this week. This is also available on the school website

Additional Information:

  • Frequent handwashing will be a part of the class timetable each day.
  • If your child becomes unwell in school with suspected Covid19 we would telephone you to pick your child up. You would then need to book and take your child for a test which can be booked online at: Once the results have been given to you, please let the school know.
  • We will let adults at home know if there is a suspected case in your child’s bubble/class so you are able to pick up your child if you want to or leave them until the test result is back the next day. If the case is positive or negative, we will inform you but not share the pupils name or details. Staff will be confidential and will support parents and pupils throughout.
  • If your child requires medication or an inhaler in school, please complete the google form and make sure that your child brings this into school to be kept in their classrooms on the first day back.

I understand that this is a lot of information to take in, so please feel free to contact your class teacher or year leader if you have any further questions, as always we will try our best to help you.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Hilton and the Year 4 team.

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