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Southfields Primary School

Southfields Primary School

The Pupil Premium Grant and Impact Statements

Please click on the link to the document below to find out about how we spend our Pupil Premium funding.

Pupil Premium Grant 2023-2024

As well as publishing the amount of money the school is allocated from the pupil premium grant, we as a school publish our pupil premium strategy online. It gives details about how we intend to spend our allocation to address barriers to learning and the rationale and evidence behind the school’s decisions.

We publish our spending for:

  1.  The previous academic year (2022-23) 
    1. How the pupil premium allocation was spent 2022-2023 
    2. The impact of that expenditure on eligible and other pupils 2022-2023
  2. A statement as to the school’s strategy in respect of the pupil premium allocation for the current academic year 2023-24
    1. The amount of the school’s pupil premium allocation for 2023-2024
    2. A summary of the main barriers to educational achievement faced by eligible pupils in our school 
    3. How the pupil premium allocation is to be spent to address those barriers and the reasons for that approach through evidence-based practice and research, as well as project work.
    4. The date of the school’s next review of its pupil premium strategy as well as any dates set for joint work through Pupil Premium Training (Head Teacher is a trained reviewer) as well as the Senior Leadership, Governors and Collaborative Meeting within and beyond the LA.

Background to Pupil Premium Funding

Pupil premium is a government scheme that was introduced to improve the educational outcomes of ‘disadvantaged’ children and support pupils with parents in the armed forces. It was launched after research suggested that there was a significant gap between the educational performance of disadvantaged children and their classmates. Compared to other children, many children who are eligible for pupil premium have to face extra challenges daily, such as: attendance issues, lack of confidence and communication difficulties. The premium is provided to enable these pupils to be supported to reach their potential and have experiences and opportunities to support this.

The grant provides funding so that schools can provide additional support and improve educational outcomes for children who are faced with these types of challenges. It aspires to ‘narrow the gap’ in educational progress and outcomes between children considered to be disadvantaged and their peers.

Our Approach

Money has been ring-fenced and used to benefit all Pupil Premium pupils. We have established clear lines of responsibility with a member of the Senior Leadership Team and a link governor taking responsibility for Pupil Premium.

At Southfields, our significant proportions of children eligible for Pupil Premium have meant that our funding has been planned carefully to ensure that it has been spent to maximum effect. This has meant making informed decisions about our spending such as:

  • Ensuring that spending is directly linked to gaps in attainment.
  • Making use of our own data to expand existing interventions.
  • Making sure there is at least good teaching on a day-to-day basis.
  • Considering barriers to learning within our school community.
  • Making use of research when evaluating interventions and considering the implementation of new interventions.
  • Following guidance from the Education Endowment Foundation.

All staff are aware of areas for development in the school in terms of subjects, year groups, and they know which children are focus children.

Money is used to benefit all pupil premium children.

All members of staff, governors and teaching assistants accept responsibility for ‘disadvantaged’ pupils and are committed to meeting their pastoral, social and academic needs within the school environment.

Southfields Primary is committed to ‘Narrowing the Gap’ between vulnerable pupils and the Pupil Premium forms a vital part of that process. The governors reserve the right to allocate the pupil premium funding to support any pupils or groups of pupils the school has legitimately identified as being socially disadvantaged.

Reporting Pupil Premium

There is a set format from the Department for Education for reporting on Pupil Premium. The School will publish the report online annually, as well as reviewing the previous year's objectives. These reports aim to detail information on how Pupil Premium has been used within our school, the evidence based research behind strategies used and the impact that it has had. 

Regular reports will be presented on the progress of pupils supported by Pupil Premium to the Governors of Southfields Primary School.

Reporting to Parents/Carers

Parents will be able to obtain information on the Pupil Premium via the school's website, as well as at termly Pupil Progress meetings.

Responsibility for reporting

The responsibility for the report will be allocated to key members of staff within the school. Class teachers will be asked to report on the intervention in place for key pupils and the impact that intervention has had which will be summarised by year leaders, core subject leaders, the pupil premium lead and the SLT, who will report directly to the Governing Body.

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