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Southfields Primary School

Southfields Primary School

Healthy Schools

Healthy Schools Statement 

Southfields Primary School is committed to promoting the health and well-being of its pupils, staff and the wider school community. We actively encourage children and staff to develop positive attitudes towards health and well-being. We do this by making a commitment to be kind to each other, provide an engaging curriculum and by showing respect for ourselves and others around us.

Food and nutrition are a key aspect within our school. We provide all children with a new water bottle each year and actively encourage them to bring it in each day. Parents are able to order milk for our EYFS and Year 1 children and the whole of EYFS and KS1 are provided with fresh fruit or vegetables each day as their snack. At lunch times, children have a wide selection of fruit and salad items to choose from to accompany their meal. 

To encourage physical activity amongst our children, they have a wide selection of PE equipment to choose from to allow them to play in groups, teams or individually. Playtime staff organise and oversee these games during lunch time. 

Time outdoors is also encouraged through curriculum lessons which, in turn, provide children with fresh air, the use of natural resources and more opportunity to move and use their gross motor skills. Year 1 children take part in Forest School sessions where movement, play and exploration are key. 

Emotional health and well-being is promoted by providing relevant information and resources to equip our pupils with the skills and attitudes to make informed decisions about their health, that will in turn benefit their attainment and provide a positive learning environment.  

Please see the dates of our upcoming Healthy Schools Meetings and the minutes of these meetings that detail our exciting plans. 

Healthy Schools Meetings

Autumn 1 - Thurs 12th October 2023

Autumn 2 - Thurs 7th Dec 2023

Spring 1 - Thurs 9th Feb 2024

Spring 2 - Thurs 21st March 2024

Summer 1 - Thurs 23rd May 2024

Summer 2 - Thurs 29th June 2024

At Southfields we value our students mental and physical health and support them in various ways with this, from PE theory lessons, practical PE lessons, PSHE lessons, lunch and after school clubs and assemblies. Please see the links below for some useful videos that you can use to support your children at home.

We are also aware of how big a part diet plays in children's physical and mental well-being both in and out of school, which is why we are committed to providing healthy lunches and free fruit and vegetables for our KS1 children and those that require it in KS2. Below is a link that provides some easy and child friendly recipe ideas that you could try making at home with your children. The more involved they are with food and its preparation the greater their understanding of it and the more likely they are to develop and maintain healthy a relationship with food as they grow up. 

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