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Southfields Primary School

Southfields Primary School

Explorer Terms and Conditions

Please ensure you have completed the admissions form and put your name on the waiting list for a place at the Explorer Club.  Please ensure that you book the session 24 hours in advance and pay in full as the school can not lend money to parents and paying for the club place is effectively lending money.  Please ensure that you speak to your child about their behaviour as this is an extension of the school day only pupils who are able to manage a school day successfully would be considered as we always think about the child's wellbeing first and foremost.

The waiting list is set out below

Year Group                     Admission             Waiting List        Agreed Pupil Class Size

New intake 2018          3                                   0                                20

Reception  2018           Full                              14                             25

Year 1                                Full                              20                            30

Year 2                                Full                              18                            30

Year 3                                Full                              19                            25

Year 4                                Full                              15                            25

Year 5                                Full                               18                           20

Year 6                                Full                               16                           17        


The Explorers Club believes that children have the right to be completely secure from both the fear and reality of abuse. We are committed to safeguarding all the children in our care from harm.

Mrs Martin and Mrs Farooq-Ayub have been appointed Child Protection Officers. These officers have undertaken appropriate training and have relevant experience and expertise. The designated child protection officers will be responsible for liaising with social care, the local children’s safeguarding board and Ofsted regarding any child protection matter.

If the child protection concern is with regards to a member of staff, the Club procedure should be followed.

Third Party Information - GDPR

Third party information passed on by anyone other than staff or management of the Club, who expresses their concerns information form a third party regarding suspicions of child abuse cannot be ignored. If the person imparting the information has concerns, they should be encouraged to contact social care. If they do not wish to do so, it should be explained to them that the Club is obliged to. The concerns should be logged and any action taken and recorded fully.

Allegations Against Staff Members and Volunteers

If an allegation of any form of child abuse is made against a member of staff or volunteer the matter must be reported to the Local Authority Designated Officer and Ofsted. The LADO will advise if other external/internal agencies (e.g. police) should be informed and the Club will act upon the advice given to ensure that any investigation is not jeopardised.

If an allegation is made against a member of staff it will be factually recorded in the incident book stating the actions taken. All witnesses to the incident should sign and date the entry to confirm it.

It may be necessary for the Club to refer to its staff disciplinary procedure regarding suspensions and exclusions following advice sought form the LADO. The management also has the right to seek professional advice from employment law specialists.

Staff Support and Training

The Explorers Club is committed to fulfilling its responsibilities in respect of child protection through the provision of support and training to staff. Therefore the Club will ensure that:

  • All staff have child protection training and will be vigilant to signs and evidence of physical, sexual and emotional abuse or neglect.
  • We implement safe recruitment practices for all staff students and volunteers, including verified references and full and up to date enhanced DBS checks.
  • All staff and volunteers are given a copy of the child protection policy during their induction, and have its implications explained to them.
  • All staff and volunteers receive regular training and supervision in child protection issues and are provided with any relevant information and guidance.
  • All staff are provided with supervision and management support commensurate with their responsibilities in relation to child protection and their requirement to maintain caring and safe relationships with children.
  • All staff are aware of the main indicators of child abuse.
  • All staff are aware of their statutory requirement in respect of the disclosure or discovery of abuse to the manager.
  • The Club will take appropriate action in relation to the findings of any investigation into alleged allegations of abuse, consistent with its duties to protect the safety of children and uphold fair processes for staff, students and volunteers.
  • Any member of staff, student or volunteer under investigation for the alleged abuse of a child, will be subject to the provisions Staff disciplinary policy.
  • The Explorers Club will follow the child protection handbook.

Safe Caring

All staff know and understand the Explorers Club’s child protection procedures and have had appropriate training and guidance in the principles of safe caring. To this end:

  • Every effort will be made to minimise time when members of staff, students or volunteers are left alone with a child. If staff are left alone with a child, the door of the room should be kept open and another member of staff should be informed.
  • If a child makes inappropriate physical contact with a member of staff student or volunteer, this will be recorded fully in an incident report.
  • Staff will never carry out a personal task for the children that they can do for themselves, where this is essential staff will help a child whilst being accompanied by colleague. Unless a child has a particular need staff should not accompany children into the toilet. Staff are aware that this and other similar activities could be misconstrued.
  • Staff will be mindful of how and where they touch children, given their age and emotional understanding, unnecessary or potentially inappropriate physical contact will be avoided at all times.

Peterborough framework for action provides all those working with children and their families across the town of Peterborough, with a process to help identify and respond to children’s needs, and supports them to be healthy, stay safe, enjoy and achieve, make a positive contribution and achieve economic wellbeing.

The Framework for Action handbook is available in Club.

Behaviour Management Policy and Procedure

Southfields Explorers Club will manage behaviour by promoting children’s welfare, through learning and enjoyment. Staff and children will work together to maintain clear ground rules for all behaviour within the Club.

Praise and encouragement will be given to all children; negative behaviour will be challenged in a calm and assertive manner, promoting an atmosphere where children can respect and value. Staff will work together and with children, without shouting, through discussions well planned activities to resolve negative behaviour, resolve conflict and build confidence.

Staff will discuss all concerns with parents / carers in an attempt to help identify the cause of poor behaviour and deal with the incidents appropriately. At all times children/ parents will be told about the consequences of their actions. In the event of physical interventions, staff will use the minimum force necessary to prevent injury or damage and all incidents will be recorded. In the event that unacceptable behaviour and if behaviour persists, more serious action may have been taken in accordance with the exclusion policy.

The Club’s staff will not promote corporal punishment to a child for whom they provide care for; staff will not use or threaten any forms of punishment, which could have an impact on any child’s wellbeing.

Bullying Policy / Procedure

The management of the Club will not tolerate or excuse behaviour from anyone, repeated harassment through emotional, physical, or verbal bullying.

Staff will make every effort to create a tolerant and caring environment. Bullying behaviour is likely to occur on occasion and the Club recognises this fact. In the event of such incidents the management and staff will address these issues thoroughly and sensitively, children will be encouraged to report all incidents of bulling to staff and staff must report all incidents to the management team.

Victims of bullying will be helped and supported and kept under close supervision.

The bully will be encouraged to discuss their behaviour and think through the consequences of their actions. Where bulling behaviour persists, more serious action may be taken, which may lead to exclusion from the Club.

Inclusion policy

The Explorers Club aims to provide care with the inclusion of all children. The Club aims to introduce an inclusive play care centre model and to train all staff to use the model to ensure quality care is provided to meet the needs of all children, identifying their needs, working with parents and other agencies enabling children to play, be active and have an equal part in the Club activities.

The Club will use its individual play care plan to assess the needs of a child. Staff, child and parents will complete the play care plans.

The Club hopes to provide a service threat is equal to all children opening opportunities far through careful planning and preparation.

Special Needs Policy / Procedure

Southfields Explorer Club is aware that some children have special educational needs and disabilities that may require particular support and assistance, and we recognise a wide range of needs, learning difficulties, emotional, social behaviour and physical difficulties.

Southfields Explorer Club is committed to the inclusion of children with special educational needs and disabilities; giving them the right to play, learn and develop to their full potential alongside other children.

All children have the right to learn together and develop relationships, whenever possible children with special needs or disabilities will have access to the same facilities, activities and opportunities as others.

When providing for the needs of children, it is vital to work closely with parents/ carers. The Explorers Club will also seek the advice of Peterborough SEN/ disability development support officer when needed.

Exclusion Policy

Southfields Explorer Club is committed to dealing with negative behaviour wherever possible. Disrupted or challenging behaviour will be dealt with promptly between staff, children and parents.

With further actions is necessary, including reviewing a child’s place at the Club, staff will firstly explain to the children involved why their behaviour is unacceptable the consequences of further incidents and children will be encouraged to discuss their actions. A repeated warning will be discussed with the parents and staff. If all actions taken fail, the child may be temporarily suspended.

After immediate suspension has taken place, the manager will arrange a meeting with the Club and parents to discuss the incident and decide a possible return to the Club.

Where a child is excluded as a last resort, when all other actions have failed, management and staff must discuss the action with parents promptly.

Racial / Anti-Discrimination Policy

The Club will ensure that all persons are valued. Individuals will be encouraged to treat others with respect regardless of the race, colour, nationality or ethnicity.

The Club will ensure that different cultures and different religious needs are met and understood to all involved in the Club.

If a member of staff or a child becomes aware of an incident of racial harassment or discrimination occurring in the Club, will be encouraged to report the incident to management. Any allegations will be investigated thoroughly and such behaviour will not be tolerated at the Club. Steps will be taken to ensure this does not happen again.

All incidents will be recorded and all incidents will be reported to parents/ carers.

In all cases, continued racial harassment or discrimination from any person will result in exclusion from the Club.

Play Policy

Southfields Explorers Club aims to provide a wide, varied range of activities to meet the needs of all children to develop their emotional, social and physical skills. Activities, visits and outings will be carefully planned allowing children to create and explore, whilst learning and achieving.

Children will always be consulted and encouraged to take part in the preparation and planning of all activities and outings, staff will be encouraged to support and involve children and recognise a child’s achievement. Southfields Explorers Club provides children with a wide range of structured play opportunities, activities, games, indoor and outdoor play equipment and resources to meet the needs, age and interests of all children.

All activity planning will be available at all times for staff, children and parents to view. Staff will always be available to discuss and spend time with parents, to inform them as to what their child has been doing and discuss any changes they suggest.

Settling In Policy

Once Southfields Explorers Club has confirmed a place is available for a child, the management will encourage parents to come along to Club for a pre-visit where all registration forms should be completed. Parents will be encouraged to bring their child for a second visit so that the child can be left in the care off our staff team to allow the child to settle in for a shorter period of time. New children will be greeted into the Club and introduced to all the staff and children. Children will be informed about the setting routines and the programme of activities. They will be shown and introduced to the Club and its surroundings, ground rules will be explained also all relevant policies.

Staff will supervise the children at all times, working closely with new children, if a child is having any problems settling in or are generally unhappy staff will always discuss this with the child’s parents.

Child Protection Policy

The Club’s child protection procedures comply with all relevant legislation and other guidance or advice as detailed by the local area child protection committee and the publication “what to do if you are worried about a child being abused” is available in Club.

A child protection officer will be appointed within the Club and will have experience and training and will be responsible for liaising with social services, the area child protection committee and Ofsted in any child protection matter.

When changes are observed in a child’s behaviour or shows signs or evidence of physical, sexual and/ or emotional abuse or neglect, confidential records will be kept and logged. These records will include, name, address, and age of child, time and date of observations, description of behaviour, changes and appearance, the exact words spoken by the child, the name and signature of the recorder; without comment or interpretation, where possible. All such suspicions, findings and investigations will be kept confidential, shared only on a need to know basis. The parent will normally be the first point and reference, although suspicions will be referred to the social services department.

Staff will ensure that all concerns and allegations are treated sensitively and confidentially.

Any children involved in alleged incidents will be confronted and reassured. In circumstances where a child makes an allegation or a disclosure, a staff member will:

1. Listen carefully to all the child has to say.

2. Make no observable judgement.

3. Ask open questions that encourage the child to speak in their own words.

4. Ensure the child is safe, comfortable and not left alone.

5. Make no promises that cannot be kept.

Southfields Explorers Club is committed to ensuring that it meets its responsibility in respect of child protection through the support training staff. All staff will be carefully requited, have verified reference and have full up to date DBS checks. Staff will be given a copy of the child protection policy during their induction a management will ensure this is carefully understood as well as annual training and updates.

All staff will be made aware of the main indicators of child abuse and be provided with supervision with responsibilities in relation to child protection. The Club will take action in relation to the findings of any investigation into allegations of abuse. An allegation made against a member of staff would result in immediate suspension pending investigation.

Sick Child Policy

It is the responsibility of the Club staff to ensure the management are informed when a child is unwell. To safe guard the health of all, staff and children in our care, the manager and nominated first aider will deal with illnesses efficiently and safety, a list of infection, notifiable and communicable disease will be provided in the booklets and parents will be notified if there has been a suspected risk of cross infection.

It is also the duty of the parent to inform the Club of any infectious diseases at the earliest opportunity.

Where medication needs to be administered, medication will never be given without completed medication forms being filled in by the parents and staff may only administer medication to child if prescribed by a GP.

A member of staff will be assigned to administer medication for each individual child concerned and complete the medication charts provided ensuring that parents have completed appropriate sections.

Complaints Policy and Procedure

Southfields Explorers Club aims to provide a high standard of care for all children. If at any time parents / carers are unhappy with any aspect of the care provided for their child or are unhappy about the conduct of a staff member, please forward your complaints to the manager in charge, it is then their responsibility to investigate any complaints made. If formal decisions of a complaint or problem have not produced satisfactory resolution parents/ carers should put their complaints to the School in writing.

The School will respond to any written concerns or complaints following guidance in the school concerns or complaints policy and try to make a resolution to the matter as soon as possible. During the process parents will be updated with information following guidance and appropriate information sharing. If a complaint carries a child protection concern the manager will inform the designated child protection officer and follow procedures as necessary.

Parents / carers can make a complaint to Ofsted after following the school complaints policy and if they are still not satisfied.



explorers compass logo with removed background

‘Exploring New Horizons’

Our Club Mission Statement and Aims


  • Excellence    – Aspire for excellence
  • Playing          – Understand the importance of play in learning
  • Learning        – Build good learning behaviours for life
  • Outstanding  – Reaching outstanding in all we do
  • Respect         – Showing respect for those around us
  • Engaging      – Providing opportunities and a culture of engagement
  • Reach                        – Aim high and reach for our dreams
  • Smiles            – Be happy in what we do and smile often

Thank you for your continued support and encouraging comments. We are lucky to have such an outstanding Club with such wonderful facilities.


Mrs Martin


Please complete one registration form per child and return the form to the main office. Please note that bookings cannot be made unless Explorers is in receipt of your child’s completed registration form. Please keep this document for your reference


Useful information, contacts and telephone numbers:

ChildLine                                                                                          0800 1111

LADO (Local Authority Designated Officer)                                01733 864038

ODSTED                                                                                           0300 123 1231

OFSTED registration number                                                        110691

NSPCC                                                                                              0808 800 5000

Peterborough Social Services                                                       01733 747474

Peterborough Police                                                                       01480 456111

Safeguarding Children Board                                                       01733 864170

Southfields Primary School                                                           01733 562873


Southfields Primary School Explorers Club Parent Information Handbook Terms and Conditions


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