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Southfields Primary School

Southfields Primary School

School Improvement - How Parents Can Help 2016-17

As a school we are constantly seeking opportunities to improve and we make strong links with Parents to help us.  We meet regularly with Parents and share our priorities and ask for their suggestions through both written and oral forums and written methods such as questionnaires and suggestion boxes.  

Please see below to view our members of the Parent Partnership who represent classes across the whole school and meet regularily.  Please see minutes of meetings and agendas below:

This year we are working on the priorities listed below please help us if you have any ideas or suggestions. 

School Improvement Priorities 2016-17

1. To improve Reading - see school improvement plan below if you would like further details

2. To improve Writing - see school improvement plan below for further details 

3. To improve Mathematics - see school improvement plan below for further details

4. To improve outcomes for pupil premium and vulnerable pupils

5. To improve attendance across the school 

Parent Representative Group

Year Reception - Chloe Whitehorris, Natalie Whitbourne, Mrs Duckham

Year 1 -Mrs Lewis, Christine Tams, Jason Mitchell, Dapne Smakaj

Year 2 - Mrs Simonov, Elizabeth Tracey, Mrs Pink

Year 3 - Mrs Banks, Mrs Waugh,

Year 4 - Katy Jones, Amna Shagid, Krish Manian

Year 5 -Mrs Cooper, Shirley

Year 6 - Mr Ramm, Mrs Leonie Rook,


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