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Southfields Primary School

Southfields Primary School

What is an EHA (Early Help Assessment)?

As a school we work with 45 families on EHA and support them for the reasons listed below, read more to find out how the school helps support families and our pupils with EHA's. 

We asked our parents who took part in the EHA process what they thought and they said " It was great to have time to talk and someone to listen"   "As the time went on I trusted the school more and knew the conversations and support was helping" 

The Government have said that all agencies that work with families have a responsibility to  work closely together with you, to make sure every child and young person has the best possible chance to reach their full potential.

Helping children, young people and families is everybody’s  business. All agencies that work with children, young people and families are responsible for listening to

your concerns and worries and taking the right actions to ensure you and your family get support at an early stage.

What is the Common or Early Help Assessment process?

The Common or Early Help Assessment process is sometimes called CAF or is sometimes also referred to as Family Assessment.

A Common or Early Help Assessment process is a way of gathering information about children and the whole family in one place and using it to help decide what type of support is needed to help a family. People from different organisations will talk to one another, share information with your consent and work together with you to help to support you and your children.

What is the Children’s Welfare Advice Team?

The Children’s Welfare Team is part of the Children’s Front Door (alongside Children’s Social Care and the Family Information Service.)

The Children’s Advice Team looks after a system that helps the people who are working with you and your family to contact each other. It contains basic information such as name, address, date of birth and school information about who is, or has been working with your family and whether an assessment has already been done.

The staff in the Advice Team can tell authorised people if another service is working with your family and how to contact that service. The information about children is securely held.

If your family has had a Common or Early Help Assessment completed, the fact that it has been completed will be recorded on the Children’s Advice Team system. If another practitioner contacts the Advice Team about your child they will be told if a Common or Early Help Assessment has been done, or is ongoing, and who to contact. This means that you will not have to keep repeating your story to lots of different people.

Is the information held about me secure?

The City Council (via the Children’s welfare Team) holds the information that the assessment has been completed and only a small number of people can access it. Any practitioner who rings the Children’s Advice Team must have had training which allows them to ask for information in a safe way.

Why am I being asked to consent to an Assessment?

An Early Help or Common Assessment can only take place with your agreement. You are being asked to agree to an assessment process so that the people working with your family can gather information and agree, with you, how to help you. People who can help and support you will work with the information gathered and plan how best to help you. The plan will say what will be done, who will do it and by when.

Can an Early Help or Common Assessment be done without my agreement?

An Early Help or Common Assessment is voluntary and can only be done with your agreement. The people working with your family will always try to involve you. If your child is old enough they can agree to an assessment themselves.

What will happen to my assessment? Can I have a copy of what is written about me?

The person who leads on completing your assessment with you will keep a record of it. They will only share it with those who have also contributed or who need to have a copy. This will be agreed with you when you consent to take part in the assessment process. You will be given a copy of your assessment, and all planning and review records, to keep.

What sort of services might be included on my action plan?

This will depend on your family’s needs. Some services that families have found helpful include:

Information about groups such as dads groups, Young Carers’ Groups (for families who have children with disabilities),youth groups and activities for young people.

Services such as nursery sessions for your child, adult education classes for you.

Support in being a parent such as finding a course of parenting classes for you.

Referral to organisations such as Home Start, Mental Health Services, Lifeline.

This is just a small number of the services

We have an EHA lead who works with parents on the initial assessment and then regularly on levels of access

Level 1 - weekly               Level 2 - Fortnightly                   Level - 3 Monthly                Level 4 - Half-Termly 




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