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Southfields Primary School

Southfields Primary School

Online Learning

In December 2017 the Department for Education opened an inquiry into the teaching of sex and relationship education – which including elements of staying safe online.

Critical Thinkers:

Whether it is reading fake news, being contacted by a stranger, knowing what to share online, the skill of critical thinking needs to underpin children’s behaviour. We need to encourage children to think about the digital world in a way that continuously questions the veracity of what they are viewing and consuming.

Confident Communicators:

We need to instil in our children the confidence to speak out, reinforcing with consistent messaging that there is a support network to support them. Children must feel empowered to speak out on their own behalf and that of others and that the education system has processes in place to support children when they do. It is critical that children and young people know what to do to get help.

Capable tool users:

Whilst no technology solution is 100% perfect they can play a hugely valuable role in keeping children safe online. Extending the curriculum through either ICT or RE/RSE to teach children to be capable tool users is vital to equip them to self-manage their online experiences. Whilst we continue to teach children about what to share and with whom,  we must extend that education to the practicality of how this is actually achieved.


There is much discussion about digital resilience which encourages children to understand the risk, know where to seek help, learn from experience and recover when things go wrong.  We have a suite of resources here.


Please click on the learning link pictures to open a new browser.  Why not try the E4 on line learning link - which will link to many more educational games.

BBC Bitesize is a wonderful online  resource to support children of all ages with learning games and activities click on the links above to look at this interactive site.

At Southfields we enjoy our Mathematics and we have purchased additional resources for the children to use at home as well as in schoo to help with the learning firstly the award winning Mathletics is the next generation in learning, helping students enjoy maths and improve their results setting both personal targets as well as joining competitions with other schools nationally and across the world - see our web site area for more details of how we are doing as a school.  Maths Whizz is an amazing site which support teaching and learning with video clips and practice questions in many different areas of mathematics.

Espresso offers a range of content and tools that is simply unrivalled so at Southfields we simply had to subscribe to it for our children. It covers all year groups and subjects and even includes SATs-related resources. Espresso specialises in taking educational concepts and applying a 'real-world' context through video and other multimedia elements. This encourages pupils to think beyond the simple fact, resulting in the deeper and wider learning of concepts.

At Southfields we love to read and if you would like to link the reading your child does in school during guided teacher and teaching assistant sessions please click on the icon above and your child will have their own unique log on also purchased by the school.




Practise high frequency words and spelling patterns.


Practise your French vocab.

Astonishing Science from the Science Museum

Lots of fun, ineractive games.

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