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Southfields Primary School

Southfields Primary School

Mrs Paterson

Welcome Back!

Wow it’s a new school year already and after a jam-packed summer holiday we are now really looking forward to getting back into the school routine after a wonderful break.  Year 6 is going to be such an exciting year for all of us as we have 2 new teachers in Year 6, a refreshed curriculum and new challenges to face together.  We hope you are looking forward to it as much as we all are. 

We would all like to let parents and carers know that if at any point throughout the year you need to speak to one of the teachers, we will be available via ClassDojo, school email or through the main office, and whilst we may not always be available immediately, we will make it our priority to get back in touch with you to discuss any worries or queries you may have.

Before we get stuck into the topics that we will be covering this term we thought we would give you a few reminders though as a refresher!

House Keeping:

  • You need to have a water bottle in school every day which is taken home and cleaned daily.
  • You must have your PE kit in school from Monday and take it home to wash on a Friday.
  • PE is on a Friday, but where possible we might have the opportunity to take part in additional PE sessions so need to be prepared at all times.
  • Blue book homework will be given out on Friday and will be expected to be back in on the following Thursday done to as high a standard as we would expect in school.
  • Additional grammar and mathematics homework will be given out weekly.
  • Regular use of all the online provisions will be expected and monitored closely.

Our school curriculum has had a bit of a refresh after having been delivering the “new” curriculum for 4 years now.  We have decided to review the subject areas that we intend to cover and ensure that they are being covered in a more practical, holistic approach to ensure that all types of learners and learning styles are being catered for.  We hope that this will allow the children to become more emerged in the topics and gain a deeper understanding of the curriculum areas that they are learning about.

A Rumble In The Rainforest

Imagine a world where water drops on your face when it isn’t even raining, where in the distance the sound of drums rumble, and where the squirrel monkey leaps in the high canopy; this, is the rainforest.

Come with us as we explore the range of animals that hide deep in the undergrowth, that scurry up the trees beside us and that swoop above us, squawking noisily as they go. Are you brave enough to face the Mayan Civilisations as we try to follow the journey of their precious cocoa beans to our delicious chocolate bars? Consider the ethical dilemmas that will be faced when not cutting down ‘The Great Kapok Tree’ could cost the woodman his livelihood, but would mean the animals lose their homes.

So, get on your walking boots, pack your essentials in your backpack and let’s rumble in the rainforest!


Science – Classifying Living Things & Our Bodies

Geography – The Rainforest

History – Mayan Civilisations

Design & Technology – Bean to Bar – the journey of the cocoa bean

Art – Celebration Art & Mayan Traditions

Computing – We Are Market Researchers & We Are Marketers

Religious Education – Mayan Worship & How Can Artists Help Us To Understand Christmas

PSHCE – Conscience Alley & Communication / Sign Language

Music – Tribal Music & Winter Productions


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